Give the Gift of Code on National Pay It Forward Day!

Originally posted on the blog of Curving North, Inc. 

Did you know that today is National Pay It Forward Day? Curving North is committed to giving back and helping those who are dedicated to building and furthering Computer Science programs and offerings in schools. We have donated to CodeVA ourselves and we’re also offering a match up to $500.00 in hopes that others will help to broaden this organizations impact. Once you donate, please send an e-mail to with proof of your donation and we’ll match it.  Tomorrow, we’ll report back and let you know the results.  Thank you for taking the time to make an impact and a difference.


CodeVA is committed to expanding public school computer science offerings all across Virginia. Based in Richmond, our teacher training efforts and outreach to districts, parents and policymakers assumes a statewide footprint. We are grateful for the partnership we have developed with, a national organization with a similar mission. We look forward to making computer science education a reality for all Virginia children and for all Virginia communities.”


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