Make It So

It has been too long since I have written anything here.  The number of draft posts is a little embarrassing and frustrating.  The advice I give to my clients definitely applies to me too:

–  Stop starting.  Start finishing.

–  Limit your WIP!

–  Focus!

Easier said than done right?  It’s easy to observe and throw out those words of wisdom for others and, frankly, I feel a bit like a hypocrite for not applying them to myself with the discipline and rigor I ask from those I coach.  I am not perfect.  No-one is.

I have a vision for myself and it’s beyond idealistic.  I crafted it over three years ago on the advice of my friend and mentor, Dan Mezick.  I continue to re-visit it and modify it with new information and goals.  2014 was an interesting year for me and, admittedly, I went a little off track.  The shift wasn’t intentional and I didn’t even realize it until before the holidays, when I was reflecting on the direction I was heading against my vision.  I was on the verge of being grossly off-course.  That said, sometimes, a major course in direction is a good thing right?  It depends on the goal or vision you’re trying to reach and that can change.

What I realized is my vision had changed but, the path I was on was taking me further away from my original vision AND the modified one.  I had to adjust and, let me tell you it was not and will not be easy.  When I think about what I want to achieve it makes me nervous.  Actually, it scares me. I question if maybe I’m being too idealistic and putting something out there for myself that just isn’t possible.  But, I’ll never know unless I try.  Trying means I have to do things which are far outside of my comfort zone and current knowledge base.  It means that I am getting on a path which could, very likely, lead to several failures (learning!).  I had to really think about how ready I was to embark on this adjustment before I made it.

The deciding factor had nothing to do with how ready I was and MUCH more to do with how much I wanted my vision to become my reality.   Then, the decision was clear even though the path to get there wasn’t.  The path will emerge as I go (sound familiar).  Right now, it’s clear.  Further out…not so much but, every day, with new knowledge and learning, the runway is becoming more clear.

This experience has served multiple purposes.  First, it has put me back on my path.  Second, it has re-affirmed my true north.  Third, it has made me challenge myself more.  Fourth, it has reminded me of the importance of having a vision.  Finally, it has made me remember the experience of individuals and teams starting on their Agile journey.  What a lot of goodness!

I’m not thinking about all the things standing in the way of realizing my vision.  Instead, I’m focusing on how to “make it so”.

One thought on “Make It So

  1. Interesting. Sounds like you are your own customer who has looked at what has been delivered and would like to make some changes. You can do that, right? Your Agile! This post was from almost a year ago. I’m curious as to how things have turned out since you wrote it!

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