Agile Conversations

There are plenty of conversations that are happening in teams.  No matter where along an experience spectrum you are.  I have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world in being able to participate in many of them along the way.  Listening to understand where the team finds itself, what it clearly recognizes, and the destination they have in mind.  Sharing my own experiences when the wisdom is appropriate is expected.  Having a genuine interest in who people are, helping them grow and change the organization they are a part of, has ever been rewarding.  Writing is one way to help practice the communication we come to rely on.  Communicating is typically very high on the scrum master list of things to improve around the team.  Rightly so. Information radiators, stand-ups, conversations, are a few of the things that guide our work and help us learn or focus. Edward Tufte knew how important it was to visually convey information.   With conversations I find myself mindful of a few guiding principles.

Be gentle and respect someone else’s time.  Keep them involved, not as a tactic, but because of genuine appreciation.

Help them from where they are, not from lecturing where they ought to be. Share the experience and learn along the way.  The inner fixed points from which we tether in order to perceive the world are familiar.  They can also limit us, because that person on the other side of the conversation is rarely at the same vantage.

Come away with the next small action that can help.  Working in the moment helps.  Decisions on what next to try and what might be too big to go after just yet, are important.  Collaboration, convergent expectation, and earning trust that we are all invested in growing in the same direction.





One thought on “Agile Conversations

  1. Thanks for this wonderful post in these days agile and scrum can be applied to vast variety of projects and situations. We can execute projects well by using agile. The need for collaboration and understanding between the customer/business and the delivery organization cannot be underscored in agile system development.

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