Trust+Courage+Vulnerability = Authenticity (?)

Steve Peha wrote a wonderful blog post about Taking Yourself To Work this week.   That and Ed’s post (which was originally a comment) Be Like Water are my two favorites on this blog so far – including my own.  I have written a lot about vulnerability, trust and courage in one way or another here and I think all of those probably add up to being authentically you every day.  It’s another one of those things that’s “simple but not easy”.  I don’t have a great deal I can pile on to what Steve has offered us this week other than this:

When I am focused on people, teams, my work and my passions I find I am able to be authentically me.  When I’m focused on anything else but those, I do not “bring myself to work”.  This blog, a lot of trial and error and practice being vulnerable, trusting and courageous has helped me be authentic more of the time.  It is definitely something I am challenged by daily.  What I like about Steve’s post is that it’s something we can (probably) all relate to.  it serves to remind us that we’re not alone AND we all have an opportunity to help each other do it more often.  Maybe it means finding a person you feel you can practice with individually or bring the topic up in a retrospective with your team to work on as a team.  Possibly, it’s just making an agreement with yourself to try to be more of who you are more of the time a little more each day.

When I start to imagine an organization where people are able to be who they are easily and freely I get a little giddy.  Think of the conversations, great ideas and results that could happen!!  It has to begin somewhere, so rather than giving notice to experience that sense of freedom, I’m going to just give myself permission and see what happens.  Meanwhile, I’m just very thankful to have inspirational friends like Steve and Ed who help me learn and inspire me to try to be better.


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