An Open Invitation from Ed and Valerie to Share Your Learning Experiences

Hi All!  This is an invitation from both Ed and I.  We hope to hear from you!

We are all always learning.  The intention of this blog is to share those learnings and build on them.  It’s less about what we (Ed and I) think and more about community-generated sharing.  We would like to invite everyone to share their learning here too.  We already write on the same topic on Wednesdays but, to push the spirit of Agile Yammering further, we hope to invite and generate more participation.  Every week agileyammering would like to feature a learning theme generated by someone other than us.  Your post will be published, along with posts of our own on your topic in an effort to get a true dialogue going.  We share a passion to learn, share, grow and offer an environment for others to do the same. If you have something to say, want to share an experience, desire to learn more about a topic and add to our community please contact us through  There are some ground rules:  We want this to be a safe environment for people.  Snarkiness or criticism that isn’t respectful, kind and written with the spirit of being helpful is not OK.  The topic this week is “Comfort”.  We would like to extend our thanks to Beth Miller for being the first to share an experience.  If you would rather not write a post of your own, we would love for you to contribute to the learning by commenting on others.  Thank you for your continued support of this experiment.

2 thoughts on “An Open Invitation from Ed and Valerie to Share Your Learning Experiences

  1. Just to clarify, are you saying you’ll establish a topic for each week and anyone can contribute, or people volunteer to contribute and pick the topic? In other words, how can I get involved? 🙂

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