The Learning Never Stops – Not Ever

I think of myself as a perpetual Agile student.  I’m happy this is what I am.  I love the work I do and feel fortunate that I get to do it.  Seriously, I am so lucky that I get to do what I do – Learn about Agile and help others do the same.  Now, I’m not only learning about Agile I’m also learning about being the person people look to and rely on for guidance. 

It’s MUCH easier to be in an organization and offer up an opinion or assistance here or there.  It’s fun and nice to be asked for help and guidance.  It’s quite another situation all-together when an organization needs help and YOU are the one they are looking to.  The ONLY person they’re looking to.  NO PRESSURE!

Don’t get me wrong, I love pressure.  When you’re worried about doing well, you will try that much harder to ensure you do, in fact, deliver.  There’s a lot at stake to be sure.  It’s not one Scrum team looking to you or one release train.  It’s an entire organization and, yes, learning is good.  Experimenting is good.  Mucking up an organization is not. 

I find myself thinking non-stop and being very cautious and thoughtful about my words and actions.  I challenge myself in every conversation to view situations with new eyes.  And, when in doubt, true back to the values (great advice given to me courtesy of Don Gray).  Finally, as a “north star”, I keep the teams top of mind and think about what THEY will need to be GREAT.   It’s a completely different challenge and one I am thrilled to take on.  Now that I’ve jumped off the high dive, I’m not looking to make a big splash.  A nice, clean and quiet entry will do nicely.


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