Thoughts on Exiting a Team…

I’m off to a new adventure!  While exciting, it’s also just a little bit nerve-wracking.  What makes leaving one place for another difficult is when you truly love the people you work with and the work you are doing.  I find myself doing quite a bit of individual retrospection on all the people I have been fortunate enough to work with and how they have each influenced me in some way.  I also think about the skills and experiences I want to take with me and how I can improve on them in the future.  Finally, there’s thanking everyone for the opportunity to be a part of their lives and allowing me the opportunity to learn from them and grow.  It’s somewhat sad to be sure but, then, I also think about how my exit really won’t have an impact – in a good way.  The people and work I leave behind will continue on as smoothly as ever.  It’s like water….maybe there’s a little ripple on the surface but still whole and filling up the container just as it should.

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