Speaking of Fear…

Today on Pinterest there was a great quote:

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Isn’t that awesome?  There’s conviction – you MUST.  Ed, very nicely, said my last post (on overcoming fear) was a bit different and it’s true.  It is different than most of mine, but not completely.  Fear is a difficult topic for me.  Generally, when people tell me I cannot do something, I consider it a throw down and set my mind to proving them wrong.  However, there’s a LOT I tell myself I can’t do and I don’t have the same view.

I mean, if I’m telling myself I cannot do something, I must be right.  Clearly, I know me better than anyone else.  But, that’s the thing…it’s hard to see what you’re capable of.  There are things I see in other people – their potential and talents – isn’t the same true about me?  The answer is yes.  There are some things I *think* are true but I don’t admit it to myself.  It feels wrong somehow so I end up being my own worst enemy.  I put myself down.  I talk myself out of taking a chance.  And, all for no good reason other than fear. And, fear isn’t a good reason to NOT do something.  Unless it’s morally wrong.  In that case fear is a GREAT reason.

Fear is in my rear view mirror at this point.  I’m working on doubt now.


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