Sometimes you just need a little courage…

There have been many times in my life where I haven’t had courage.  In the last several years there have been too many times.  Today, for me, was a big courage day.  The wonderful Lyssa Adkins posted one of my older posts on her blog: coachingagileteams  I knew my name would be on her blog.  I haven’t posted anything under my name – ever.  So, posting anything anywhere was scary for me.  This morning, there my post was on her blog  and so was a link to this blog.  With all of my posts.   I ran through my options:

1.  Make the blog private and never ever post again

2.  Frantically try to get in touch w/ Lyssa to take the link down (Yes.  I actually did this)

3.  Put my name on this blog and own it

I’ve posted quite a bit about Trust and Vulnerability but haven’t really ever touched on courage.  What is courage?  To me, it’s doing something you’re not 100% certain about.  It’s taking a route that is unknown.  It’s listening to the part of you that is always there for your kids – “If you want to do something you will and you will be great!”.  It’s speaking up with a different point of view than everyone else.  It’s being able to silence all the doubting voices in your head.  It’s allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

What I write here can be pretty personal.  There will be people who laugh.  There will be people who relate.  There will be people who snark.  I find I’m OK with that.  What I write here is authentically me.  Having a different name for a while made it safe for me to be that way.  I enjoyed having a place to write my thoughts down – even if no one read anything.  Some people did read though and that was cool.  Then, Lyssa asked if she could use a post and that was cooler.  Finally, she outed me and my blog.  Completely and utterly and, while scary, is awesome.  It is exactly what I needed.

So thank you, Lyssa Adkins, for your confidence in me and the shove nudge to find my courage.  You were the first mentor to me in my Agile journey and you’re making sure I continue to grow.  Also thank you, Don Gray, for reminding me to breathe.

I’ll admit I worry about being able to still be as open as I have been.  I worry about having the courage.  That said, I went with option 3.  I put MY name on this blog and am going to own it.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a little courage…

  1. I actually noticed your name on the blog before I read it and did a double-take. Good for you! I would check with legal at your company to see if you need to put any disclaimer on the blog, but I think you’ve made it very clear that this is YOUR material and YOU own it. Excellent post, I really hope it encourages others to locate areas where they should be more vulnerable and find the courage to make that leap of faith.

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