The question challenge! Who’s in?

Something I often try to remind myself and team members is to listen to understand rather than listen to respond.  It is ever so much easier to say this than it is to do it!  So, next week, I’m going to try to ask at least one question before I answer, respond or comment on anything and see what happens. I hope to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide better and more thoughtful responses to those seeking them
  2. Stop myself from just speaking and ingrain better listening habits
  3. See if, perhaps, my questions generate something for the person I’m speaking with
  4. Determine who is courageous enough to opt in and try this with me

And, I’m going to let my teams know what I’m doing and invite them to do the same and see who opts in and what happens with them too.  I’m also inviting anyone who is reading this to join in.  Come back here and write about your experiences.  The good the bad and the awkward!


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