Make IT Easy

The first job I really loved and had fun in was challenging, crazy, frustrating and awesome.  I used to think about that time a lot and wonder why it was so amazing.  The people were wonderful.  The work itself was good.  What really made it stand out was we all – about 150 of us – had a purpose.  Our CEO had a vision.  It was almost a rallying cry and we all were working towards achieving it.  And we did.

In the transformation I’m working on now, it would seem obvious that everyone would know the vision but, I bet if you asked 20 of us separately, you would hear themes rather than a unified, consistent no-doubt-about-it response.

I LOVE the idea of having a rallying cry for this huge, enterprise-wide effort.  I want a three word sentence to sum up what we are doing.  To me, it’s simple.

Make IT easy.

Make delivering value easy for our teams.

Make it easy for our customers to interact with us.

Make it easy for our teams to make good, informed decisions.

Make it easy for stakeholders and management to get the information they need.

Make it easy for people to learn.

Make it easy for people to challenge.

Transformation is hard.  Change is hard.  Making it easy is hard but, that’s our job. We need to make it easy.


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