Don’t you just love skeptics?

I actually do.  Especially when they’re on my team.  There’s nothing I relish more than showing someone that, yes, Scrum actually works.  I love them in class when they ask all kinds of questions trying to get me to say “You’re right.  Scrum and Agile won’t work for you.  Keep on keepin’ on.”  I think, in order to really get Agile to work, the people have to change.  Scrum forces the change but, at the end of the day, it’s still the people.  And when you have a team that is excited and doing well and a skeptic joins and tries to crush their Agile will to live, well, the new team member is in for surprise.  You can’t be skeptical when a team is producing, offering help, learning and having fun.  It’s hard to be skeptical when you feel great about your work AND you’re not on a death march anymore.  Also hard to be skeptical when you discover risks sooner and before it really, truly hurts.  What I love most about the skeptics is they become the BEST advocates.  Yep.  I love the skeptics.


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