A New Year…

A New Year feels like a clean slate.  I have learned those things I shouldn’t do to be a “Coach”.  I have not been able to, instinctively, do what I have learned to do.  Does that make any sense?  What happens is I end up not DOING anything except avoid that which shouldn’t be done.  So, in 2013, I resolve to learn and ingrain coaching behaviors into my toolbox.  It should make for some interesting times.

In case you’re wondering what behaviors I try to avoid, here are some of them:

1.  Don’t prescribe

2. Don’t stop your team from testing and trying new things

3. Don’t assume I have the best or right answer

4. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled in too many directions




2 thoughts on “A New Year…

  1. 2. and 3. are particularly interesting/hard. Often, from experience or intuition, I do know better*. But there is value in a team learning for itself (that I am right) or in me learning from the team (that I am wrong).

    In the first case, they’ll learn the lesson better from making their own mistakes. In the second, I learn.

    * Hahaha, of course I do! Always . . . NOT!

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