One great thing about a good coach is

He (or she)  can help make you a better person AND a better Scrum Master.  I feel fortunate to have encountered some of these people on my learning journey.  These people have challenged me in ways that are often uncomfortable.  They pull things out of you which you work really hard to ignore or hide and then they make that “thing” one of your greatest assets.

Today I said goodbye to a coach whose input and experience I value very much and found myself very sad.  It was often difficult for me to find the time to really learn as much as I wanted and could have from him and he is leaving.

I’m sure it’s not goodbye forever but, I was surprised at the emotion I had when told he was leaving.  One thing I used to try to hide was my “sensitive side” until another very valued coach showed me the benefits of being sensitive and taught me how to leverage it.  The lesson the coach who is leaving has left me with is to not sweat the small stuff, observe, learn and wait for the big stuff before I start sweating.



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