The Sound of Silence

I’m uncomfortable with awkward silence.  It’s, well, awkward.  I’m starting to realize how powerful silence can be.  I have been challenged lately by some people to learn more about myself.  It goes something like this:

Person:  Do you want A or B?

Lily:  I want A.

Person:  Why?

Lily:  Well, because of x, y and z.

Person:  Is that all?

Lily:  *blink*  – Pause – Fidget  and finally I mumble something to the effect of Yeah.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  Why do you ask?  Do you think that’s not right?  and so on until I finally share what I’m really thinking and feeling.

Silence makes you think about what you are going to say especially when paired with an intense stare.  I’m learning to use this with my teams because I have found my true thoughts are generally what I share.  The silence makes me honest with myself and others.  It’s powerful.  Try it.


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