Are you afraid of your own personal vision?

My mind was a little blown today.  One of the coaches I work with was giving a quick education on changing culture and he said that often the barrier to realizing your vision was of your own making.  Self-sabotage.  Driven by fear.

I thought on this for a minute and realized how true this was.  I have my personal vision.  I am thankful for having it.  I am working hard towards it.  People have asked me why I don’t just take the leap and my answer has been “I’m afraid.”.

I’m afraid of failure.  I’m afraid of judgement.  I’m afraid of not being able to do well.

Another very wise person told me you have to embrace and accept that you can’t know everything.  I realize I won’t be able to know everything, but I’m working on learning as much as possible in order to achieve my personal vision.  At some point, it will have to be good enough.

If I pull the focus away from myself and apply it to, well, anything I can see how this could still be true.  As a Scrum Master, I always have a goal to help my team achieve high-performance and their own vision.  When it happened the first time my immediate thought was “What does this mean for me?”.  They don’t really rely on me any longer so how will be I be viewed at the end of the year?  If I had thought about that possibility ahead of time, I may have sabotaged myself and the team driven from fear of being un-necessary.

Now, think about all the roles in an organization that’s transitioning to Agile.  How does it feel for the people manager, the technical oversight, the support staff….  They all need to rally around the transformation.  It’s necessary for everyone to be a change agent to realize the vision, but if it’s not clear what it will mean to them or they’re afraid about what reaching the vision might bring, then what happens?  Sabotage maybe?  I guess it could be viewed that way but, more likely, it’s a case of not considering the culture change.

Anyway, think on it for a bit.  What’s preventing you from achieving your personal vision?  I bet it’s something in your target and NOT something in the soup.  Then, figure out what you’re going to do about it.


2 thoughts on “Are you afraid of your own personal vision?

  1. I can defeat a Fear of crossing the sea alone…
    I can defeat a Fear of loosing Ones I love…
    Yesterday, I realized I was in battle with something preventing me from achieving success with my book…

    Up until I wrote the post you commented on, I battled how others would think of what I would say about someting…a battle within Me.

    No longer will I allow anything to Prevent me from achieving my Personal Vision…even the little things which can crop up from time to time.

    Great words of wisdom from you…now I have in my pocket a reminder to observe more what could block my thinking. Your words relate greatly to the Life Path I am on. Thank you

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